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What we put on our bodies and hair should support and not interfere with the natural life cycle of our cells.

We want to empower people to accept the skin they have and not the skin that social media and industry tells them to have. We created Svitanye to welcome everyone. Svitanye wants to connect generations. Regardless of age, people have the same dreams, fears, and challenges. We experience the same emotions, although from different perspectives. Many people believe there is a gap between the generations, however, we believe that skin issues, emotions and sustainability are situations and values that connect us with one another.


Svitanye is about minimalistic skincare we believe that you do not need an excessive amount of beauty products to have glowing and healthy skin. We are focused on delivering solutions for 21stcentury skin needs this is why the majority of our formulas have strong antioxidant properties to ensure protection against environmental factors such as pollution and free radicals as well as from UVA & UVB light.


Svitanye is a sustainable skincare brand. We believe in the simplicity and the strength of plant-based ingredients. We carefully craft every formula and thoroughly examine each raw ingredient used in our cosmetics. We only supply our ingredients from reputable vendors. We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our products. All products are dermatologically tested by an independent lab to ensure the highest standard.



Aga Czarnecka

& Marcelina Sarwa 

We are a cross-generation super team. We draw knowledge from our experiences to create a place that will be above generations. Despite the generation difference, we are united by the passion for creating amazing cosmetics, faith in our dreams, and love for nature and sustainability.

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