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Change the Way
We Think of Our Beauty 

We created Svitanye with sustainable and ethical values at the core of the brand. We are built on three strong fundaments: Sustainability, Community & Awareness. We strive to produce responsibly and to use our platform to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability and ingredients. Each cosmetic is carefully formulated and produced in Poland with the highest quality ingredients and produced in limited quantities. 

Three young women.


Stay curious.

Keep on learning.

Keep on exploring.

We strive to use our platform to raise awareness on topics of sustainability and skincare ingredients. We plan on doing this through our Journal where we are committed to sharing interesting and insightful articles and through our everyday actions. We are committed to using only ingredients that benefit the health of the skin and are not putting a strain on our environment. We only supply our ingredients from reputable vendors.



Because we all matter.

We believe that community is central to human experience as it supports the growth of each other and our environment. Community is where we find comfort in difficult times. We are welcoming everyone to our community. We hope to build this community on the principle of trust and respect. We are looking forward to connecting with people and developing meaningful dialogues. We want to collaborate with creative people around the world. 



Small steps, big changes.

We want to contribute to achieving the UN’s 12th Sustainable Development Goal this is why we want to ensure that our brand strives for sustainable consumption and production patterns. Economic and social progress over the last decades has been accompanied by environmental degradation putting in danger the system on which our future development depends. We decided to not only be sustainable through offering recyclable glass packaging but also through reduction. Our mission is to produce at a responsible rate and cut down on wasteful overproduction. 

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